Introducing O'Neill's All-Stars

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O'Neill's pubs' teams are our pride and joy. And we like to acknowledge our gratitude to extra-special individuals with our special All-Stars award.

Catherine Conety, Solihull

Alan Thornton, Regional Manager, says: 'Catherine is a team leader who will always go that extra mile. She is what O'Neill's is all about: friendly, always looking at ways of giving the best to our customers, and helping her team to be the best it can be. Catherine is a rising star and will soon be known to all her peers in the brand as a person who is passionate about her job and the brand.'

Jeff Anane-Adjet, Leeds

Anne O'Shea, Regional Manager, says: 'There's rarely a week that goes by without feedback showing Jeff wowed guests. Regulars in the pub are always delighted when he's on duty and new guests are thrilled by his attentive manner.'



Joseph Grimes, Liverpool

Anne O'Shea, Regional Manager, says: 'Joe is a valued team member at Liverpool. He champions our floor service and always provides excellent service with a smile.'

Kamil Czwaniuk, Winchester

Alan Campbell, Regional Manager, says: 'Kamil always goes the extra mile anyway but excelled himself over December when he was recognised for this award. All year he has worked incredibly hard to ensure the kitchen runs smoothly and he's always on call. Most importantly he has managed to keep his team motivated, focused, smiling and even dancing (“Gangnam Style!”) in only a way that Kamil can.'

Norbert Swierad, Carnaby St

Regional Manager, Paul Thomas, says: 'Norbert is a real example of what the quality of "passion" can do for you. Norbert takes on any task with the same focus, and challenges himself and team to just do more. If any general manager wants a work ethic for a pathway to success then this is it.'

Vitalij Vlodko, Carnaby St

Paul Thomas, Regional Manager, says: 'Vitalij has made himself into a fantastic asset for O'Neill's. He recently looked after O'Neill's Earls Court while the general manager was off, showing himself to be a true leader who accepts only the highest quality and safety standards. His commitment to another pub's kitchen was fantastic and provided strong foundations on which the new team could build to deliver only the best safety standards.'

Arnis Zelcs, Aberdeen

Mark Hall, Retail Director, explains: 'Two years ago Arnis came over from Latvia and not only has he mastered a new language (well two, English and Scottish!), but in tough conditions (his kitchen is tiny), he has created a strong team who love him, and also grown food sales year on year.' Anne O'Shea, Regional Manager, adds: 'Arnis is dedicated to the pub and brand, is always early to shift, and goes above and beyond to deliver great-quality food.'

Nick Brown, Leicester

Alan Thornton, Regional Manager, says: 'Nick has been a huge support to both the brand and the district, supporting Andy Hazel so much he was made Accredited Kitchen Manager of the year. Never mistake his quiet demeanour for a lack of passion. Nick has delivered fantastic standards at O'Neill's Leicester, protecting vitally important five-star EHO scores. He has also helped train key people in Peterborough, Northampton, St Albans and Muswell Hill. On top of this he's a really nice bloke!'

Ursula Haller, Winchester

Mark Hall, Retail Director, says: 'It's difficult to put it into words what Ursula does for O'Neill's. Ursula is awarded an “All Star” as recognition for her work in the community, as well as for her commitment to O'Neill's. Ursula is quick to give you her opinion, and her passion for O'Neill's is unquestionable.'

Daniel Kacprzak, Carnaby St

Paul Thomas, Regional Manager, says: 'Daniel started as a chef at O'Neill's London Wall, then moved to Carnaby Street as Kitchen Manager, and is now an Accredited Kitchen Manager. He is so enthusiastic about O'Neill's and he backs that up with his knowledgeable approach to his work. He is a big part of the business and a credit to the team. He has now begun mentoring and supporting other chefs, which is fantastic.' Mark Hall, Retail Director, adds: 'While Daniel is relatively new, there is no doubt he has made a massive difference. He has contributed a massive amount to the development of the menu and has a talent for developing people.'

David McGuckin, Leicester

Mark Hall, Regional Director, says: 'David has been with O'Neill's for a long time and has been a rock for many years. He gets very positive Empathica guest feedback down to the fact his front-of-house team has maintained impressively high standards.' Alan Thornton, Regional Manager, adds: 'Dave is a hard-working lad with a great Irish sense of humour. His attitude sums up what Irish hospitality is all about.'

June McGoldrick, Merchant Square, Glasgow

Mark Hall, Retail Director, says: 'June is a lovely, lovely person. She is always cheerful and the guests love her. She is a very popular girl. She's been with O'Neill's for a very long time and deserves this recognition.' Anne O'Shea, Regional Manager, adds: 'June is a brilliant assistant manager. You speak to many in the brand, and they all have good things to say. She is a brilliant and solid performer.'

Krzysztof Tatarek, Broad St, Birmingham

Mark Hall, Retail Director, says: 'Krzysztof is the Kitchen Manager at Broad Street. He has been instrumental in this pub's food growth over the past few years. He works tirelessly in the kitchen and has been incredibly influential across the district in training others. A great guy.' Alan Thornton, Regional Manager, adds: 'Krzysztof is a fantastic team member and has been significant in developing the menu across the brand not just at Broad Street. A great team player.'

Shannon Doherty, Oxford

Mark Hall, Retail Director, says: 'Shannon is the team leader at Oxford. She is a superstar who supported Eamon through the first opening of O'Neill's Irish Pub & Kitchen. She epitomises everything to do with guest service and is always mentioned in a very positive light when it comes to Empathica guest feedback. She always has a cheeky smile on her face and is clearly passionate about O'Neill's.' Alan Thornton, Regional Manager, adds: 'Shannon has worked at both Northampton and Oxford. She is the real deal when it comes to authentic Irish hospitality.'

Tony Dunne, Liverpool

Mark Hall, Retail Director, chuckles: 'Tony is the Tony Soprano of the O'Neill's kitchen. If we need help we go to him. He has taken the food business from next to nothing to doing a roaring food trade in a very small kitchen. He is a humble man, he never wants the spotlight. I guess you might call him our “hidden hero”. Anne O'Shea, Regional Manager, agrees: 'Tony is a real star. In the two years I have been with O'Neill's he has grown and developed so much.'

Eamonn Lavin, Liverpool

Everyone in Liverpool knows Eamonn! One of the most passionate and long-serving O'Neill's managers, he is always to be seen having the craic with his guests. The ultimate brand ambassador for O'Neill's, and a true icon within our pubs.

Sarah Taylor, Marketing

Cut Sarah in half and you will see that she is O'Neill's through and through, heart and soul. Sarah has been the engine behind the O'Neill's pub brand, developing what we have to offer across all our pubs, and indeed, what our pubs look like. There is no part of the brand that she does not have an input on, hence her all star status!

Eamon O'Sullivan, Oxford

Eamon is a fantastic general manager who has been an absolute star not only in his own pub but also across the brand - he even fronts our campaign videos so he is a familiar face on YouTube! His support to colleagues is outstanding and he is a true ambassador for the O'Neill's name.

George and Mary Doyle, Cheltenham

George and Mary are O'Neill's legends! A visit to their pub will soon tell you this, as their regulars love them. George and Mary run fantastic events during the racing at the Cheltenham Festival, making O'Neill's the only place to be for a cold Guinness and genuine Irish hospitality over race meets.