LIVE MUSIC AT O'Neills Wardour St in London


Live music turns a good evening into a craic’ing one — especially when it’s a live band!

At O'Neills Wardour St, we host an eclectic mix of talented singers, live bands, artists and DJs throughout the week for your enjoyment. From classic indie and rock to cheesy pop and all the newest hits, we love to crank up the volume and get the party started.

Looking to perform at O'Neills Wardour St? We’re always on the lookout for new talent. Get in touch with one of our team.

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01/11/19 Space Hoppers / Counterflow

02/11/19 Cover Story / Brainscape

03/11/19 Sean Jackson

04/11/19 Civil Wrongs

05/11/19 The Slaves

06/11/19 Captain Howdy

07/11/19 Sean Jackson / Lettuceheads

08/11/19 Lizard Kings / The Tide

09/11/19 GLF / Vipers

10/11/19 Craicheads

11/11/19 iPhonics

12/11/19 Love Buzz

13/11/19 Civil Wrongs

14/11/19 Bring Your Sisters / Fabulous Feedback

15/11/19 Space Hoppers / Dynamite

16/11/19 Lizard Kings / Rocket

17/11/19 Sean Jackson

18/11/19 2 Shots

19/11/19 Sundown

20/11/19 The Slaves

21/11/19 Sean Jackson / Guns

22/11/19 Captain Howdy / Civil Wrongs

23/11/19 Space Hoppers / Dynamite

24/11/19 Lizard Kings

25/11/19 GLF

26/11/19 Civil Wrongs

27/11/19 Love Buzz

28/11/19 Bring Your Sisters / Rocket

29/11/19 Playground Mafia / iPhonics

30/11/19 Lizard Kings / The Tide

Sound of Summer 2019 was better and louder than ever!

Thank you to everyone who took part in Sound of Summer 2019 in association with Jack Daniels and DIY.

Artists across the country battled it out before a final few performed for a Regional title and the small matter of a £1000 in cash!

The winner performed in the opening slot at this year’s Jack Daniel’s Presents in Birmingham with a three-day UK mini tour ahead of the big gig.

We had a fantastic (and very loud) time and we can't wait to do it again soon. Be sure to Like our Facebook page to be the first to hear about new, exciting events.