Can Leicester City beat Nottingham Forest's rise to victory?

The last time a side from the East Midlands claimed the Premiership title was in 1978 when Nottingham Forest beat reigning European champions Liverpool and defied the odds to take the trophy.

Already local derby rivals, the two teams are now also rivals in the greatest rise through the premier league. So who will have achieved the biggest success if Leicester takes the title in May?

Forest rose through the ranks to take the title in their first season in the top flight league, still called the First Division, which surely trumps Leicester’s achievement having been playing in the premier league on and off for years.

Tony Pulis, West Bromwich Albion boss, thinks that the gulf in the premier league between the bigger and smaller clubs today makes Leicester’s rise more impressive than that of Nottingham Forest nearly 40 years ago.

'It'll be a little bit like Forest, with Cloughie when he took them up in the 70s. It'd be that big, I really do think,' said Pulis 'But it was different then, the divide then wasn't as great as the divide is now between those who've got it and those who haven't got it.

'The Premier League wasn't in place, so you'd most probably put this in front of that.'

Nottingham Forest then went on to win the European Championship in 1979 and 1980 so even if Leicester win the premiership, they still have some way to go to become the ultimate champions of the East Midlands.