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Is Dele Alli destined to follow in Rooney and Beckham's footsteps at Euro 2016?

Dele Alli, a shoe in for an England starting place surely, has been no stranger to an altercation this season, culminating in him missing the rest of the season after punching Claudio Yacob. Is there risk of him following in the footsteps of some of England's recent greats?

Alli, during one of the most impressive Premier League debut seasons for a young English player of all time, has flirted with danger throughout the year, and could be targeted this summer at Euro 2016. It wouldn’t be the first time…

David Beckham – France ‘98

Beckham’s ‘kick’ aimed at none other than Diego Simeone, the mastermind behind Atletico’s win vs Bayern Munich in the week, saw him see red and forced his England team to play the rest of the 120 minutes with just 10 men. To make matters worse, England proceeded (for a change) to lose on penalties, as a dead ball specialist Becks would have been a cert to take from the spot (not that this guarantees a goal, given the events of six years later in Portugal). Beckham went on to captain England’s ‘golden generation’, and to score ‘that goal’ against Greece to drag England to the World Cup in 2002.

Wayne Rooney – Germany ‘06

A stamp that ‘wasn’t meant to connect’ with Ricardo Carvalho, combined with the efforts of his team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo, caused Wayne Rooney to be sent off in Germany 2006 as England once again fell to Portugal, and once again via a penalty shoot-out. Since then Rooney has also gone on to be captain of England, and has become the nation’s all-time top scorer.

So two questions, is Dele Alli in line to be the latest young Englishman to see red in a major tournament? And if so, is such a moment confirmation of his future superstardom? Tell us here what you think, and make sure to watch every game this summer with us.