Leicester – Role models or mavericks?

So it’s happened, Leicester City have won the Premier League. Down is now officially up, rule books have been thrown out, anyone who put a £1 punt on Leicester winning the league is trying their hardest to make it sound like they knew it would happen all along. The likes of this will surely never happen again, even if someone else manages a similar feat it won’t be the same, it will feel mundane in comparison.

Once the dust settles though, what does this mean for football, specifically English football? Leicester completely ignored the two ‘fashionable’ football styles, the Guardiola style possession based game or the ‘Klopp-esque’ high pressing game, to sit deep and hit on the counter attack to devastating effect. They used 4-4-2, employed big ‘bruising’ centre backs rather than players more suited to playmaking from the back and looked for the killer ball over the top rather than keeping the ball, basically flying in the face of everything we think we know about top level football.

So will players like Sébastien Bassong have a £40 million price tag as people look for their own Huth? Are Grimsby Town going to have 50 scouts per game as the world looks for the next Jamie Vardy? Maybe this will trigger a ‘full circle’ and football will return to 4-4-2 up and down the country, who knows?

Our view is probably not. As foolish as this may seem after the season we’ve just had, our bets would be on a complete return to normality next season as the likes of Guardiola, Conte (Mourinho??) and Klopp sort their respective power houses out and challenge for the top spots in the league.

Oh, and Arsenal will finish 4th, some things never change…

Don’t forget, you can see Leicester’s guard of honour, and the rest of the premier league action on sky right here, as well as Euro 2016 this summer, Allez a Paris!