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Prince William dying to see Leicester win the title, as a Villa fan?

Prince William has recently commented on how he would love Leicester to win the premier league… as a Villa fan.

Now we aren’t suggesting that Villa and Leicester are particularly bitter rivals, the term ‘derby’ only used to try generate extra levels of intrigue, but it does feel that the Prince is feeling particularly cheery and excitable about a team while his own languish at the foot of the table, 99.9% guaranteed to leave the Premier League for the first time since its inception.

Isn’t it a football fan’s responsibility to shut out all feelings of joy, excitement or any other positive emotion during such a poor season? Wallowing in misery is one of our many crosses to bear.

For all non-Villa fans make sure you don’t miss out on seeing if Leicester can move one step closer to the title for one of the ultimate footballing stories this Sunday and get down to your local. For all Villains, come down as well, maybe a pint will help….