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Should Wilshere be considered for the Euros?

So it’s that time of year again, Jack Wilshere made his long awaited return to the Arsenal line up during their 0-0 draw with Sunderland, the latest in a string of returns filled with false hope and promise. After a 10-minute cameo he was already being asked the question of whether he thought he could make the euros, to which (of course, as he should) he replied that he wanted to.

The question is, can Wilshere realistically prove his form and fitness and ‘earn’ a place in the short time left of this season? If not, should he be awarded one due to his reputation of being one of England’s most talented players?

In our opinion the answer to the first question is a firm ‘no’. Arsenal have three games left this season. They also are not guaranteed a champions league spot at this stage and are unlikely to risk giving Wilshere 90 minutes in each game just to further his chances of a call up. How could Wilshere conceivably prove he is a better candidate for France than the likes of Dier, Delph, Drinkwater or Carrick?

The second question is a different story, it’s difficult to forget Wilshere bursting onto the scene as a 16 year old, with unbelievable talent, potentially the best young England player to come through the ranks in a generation. While the momentum from that initial run has stalled considerably there are still those moments where he shows his quality and potential. With that in mind, with a lack of truly class midfield options, is he worth a gamble? Think of it this way, for any Welsh viewers, who would you prefer to be against you on the 16th June, Michael Carrick or Jack Wilshere?

Who would you prefer to be starting come the summer? Let us know and whatever your opinion, you can watch the Euros with us this summer.