O'Neill's Pay at O'Neill's

Order & Pay at O’Neill’s

Good Times, Just Tap to Order

Our handy new online ordering system means you can dodge the queue and get straight to the craic. Just click on your location below to see the menu, choose your food and/or drinks, and we’ll deliver it direct to your table.

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How it works

• Order your food and/or drinks on your phone

• Pay quickly and easily by card

• Keep the craic going – we’ll bring your order right to your table


Why use O’Neill’s Pay?

Keep your seat – if you’re by yourself and don’t want to lose your spot, we’ve got you covered

Keep the craic going – if you’re not so mobile, sitting a long way from the bar, or just don’t fancy carrying a big round of drinks when we’re busy, O’Neill’s Pay helps

Plus it’s completely free, quick and easy to use!