Watch the Euros live & in HD at O'Neill's Carnaby Street!

Gear up for an unforgettable UEFA Euro 2024 tournament with us at O'Neill's Carnaby Street! Whether you'll be backing your home team or just soaking in the big game atmosphere with friends, we reckon we’re your first choice in London to catch all the action – we’ve got the best food and drinks to keep you going through every fixture, live on our big screens.

It all kicks off on Friday 14th June, with the final scheduled for Sunday 14th July at the 70,000 capacity Olympiastadion in Berlin. Our home teams are in Group A (with Scotland drawn against Hungary, Switzerland and hosts Germany) and Group C (where England draw Slovenia, Denmark and Serbia). Secure the best seats in the house now by booking at O'Neill's Carnaby Street – and we’ll see you for the Euros!


Group stage:

Fri, 14-Jun Germany vs Scotland (Group A) 20:00

Sat, 15-Jun Hungary vs Switzerland (Group A) 14:00

Sat, 15-Jun Spain vs Croatia (Group B) 17:00

Sat, 15-Jun Italy vs Albania (Group B) 20:00

Sun, 16-Jun Play-off Winner A vs Netherlands (Group D) 14:00

Sun, 16-Jun Slovenia vs Denmark (Group C) 17:00

Sun, 16-Jun Serbia vs England (Group C) 20:00

Mon, 17-Jun Romania vs Play-off Winner B (Group E) 14:00

Mon, 17-Jun Belgium vs Slovakia (Group E) 17:00

Mon, 17-Jun Austria vs France (Group D) 20:00

Tue, 18-Jun Turkey vs Play-off Winner C (Group F) 17:00

Tue, 18-Jun Portugal vs Czech Republic (Group F) 20:00

Wed, 19-Jun Croatia vs Albania (Group B) 14:00

Wed, 19-Jun Germany vs Hungary (Group A) 17:00

Wed, 19-Jun Scotland vs Switzerland (Group A) 20:00

Thu, 20-Jun Slovenia vs Serbia (Group C) 14:00

Thu, 20-Jun Denmark vs England (Group C) 17:00

Thu, 20-Jun Spain vs Italy (Group B) 20:00

Fri, 21-Jun Slovakia vs Play-off Winner B 14:00

Sat, 22-Jun Play-off winner C vs Czech Republic (Group F) 14:00

Sat, 22-Jun Turkey vs Portugal (Group F) 17:00

Sat, 22-Jun Belgium vs Romania (Group E) 20:00

Sun, 23-Jun Switzerland vs Germany (Group A) 20:00

Sun, 23-Jun Scotland vs Hungary (Group A) 20:00

Mon, 24-Jun Albania vs Spain (Group B) 20:00

Mon, 24-Jun Croatia vs Italy (Group B) 20:00

Tue, 25-Jun Netherlands vs Austria (Group D) 17:00

Tue, 25-Jun France vs Play-off Winner A (Group D) 17:00

Tue, 25-Jun England vs Slovenia (Group c) 20:00

Tue, 25-Jun Denmark vs Serbia (Group C) 20:00

Wed, 26-Jun Slovakia vs Romania (Group E) 17:00

Wed, 26-Jun Play-off winner B vs Belgium (Group E) 17:00

Wed, 26-Jun Play-off winner C vs Portugal (Group F) 20:00

Wed, 26-Jun Czech Republic vs Turkey (Group f) 20:00


Sat, 29-Jun 2A vs 2B 17:00

Sat, 29-Jun 1A vs 2C 20:00

Sun, 30-Jun 1C vs 3D/E/F 17:00

Sun, 30-Jun 1B vs 3A/D/E/F 20:00

Mon, 01-Jul 2D vs 2E 17:00

Mon, 01-Jul 1F vs 3A/B/C 20:00

Tue, 02-Jul 1E vs 3A/B/C/D 17:00

Tue, 02-Jul 1D vs 2F 20:00

Quarter FINALS:

Fri, 05-Jul QF1 - Winner 3 Vs Winner 1 17:00

Fri, 05-Jul QF2 - Winner 5 Vs Winner 6 20:00

Sat, 06-Jul QF3 - Winner 7 Vs Winner 8 20:00

Sat, 06-Jul QF4 - Winner 4 Vs Winner 2 17:00


Tue, 09-Jul SF1 - Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2 20:00

Wed, 10-Jul SF2 - Winner QF4 vs Winner QF4 20:00


Sun, 14-Jul Final - Winner SF1 vs Winner sF2 20:00