O’Neill’s Sound of Summer

Meet our Finalists

They’ve beaten over 200 other acts in our local and regional heats, and now they’re ready to take on the final battle to be crowned winner of O’Neill’s Sound of Summer (and win a heap of excellent prizes, of course).

But who are our final five?


Liverpool Winner - Luke LaVolpe

Growing up, Luke was greatly influenced by his Grandfather’s incredible musical taste. Inspired by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and other musical heroes from the 50’s and 60’s, he eventually turned to writing my own music. By 15, he was playing shows and hasn’t stopped since. Luke combines modern story telling with the golden age of blues and rock ‘n’ roll to create his own, unique sound. Luke’s new EP will be released October 27th.

Why Sound of Summer?
“I want to win sound of summer as being a full-time musician has been my dream from a very young age. I feel like this would be a great stepping stone into the music industry and great exposure for the material I have been writing for the past 6 years"

Where to look out for him
• Barrelhouse, Edinburgh: August 31st
• The Tron, Edinburgh: September 29th
• The Caves, Edinburgh: October 27th


Reading Winner – The Severs

Drawing from the early grunge and post-punk movement, Woking based Severs have crafted their own raw, kaleidoscopic sound that ranges from the ethereal to chaotic.

With their EP 'Magpie' due to launch and a video in pre-production, Severs are gearing up for a successful 2017.

Why Sound of Summer?
We’d love to play at a leading UK festival!

What next:
Severs are in the studio and putting together a single video ready to launch their EP and start gigging again. 


Cardiff Winner - Soulhole

Soulhole are four guys from the south coast of the UK, with a provocative fusion of funk-rock and blues. Their lyrics, often embellished with a satirical take on modern life, focus on personal themes and 21st Century living. Formed in 2014, Soulhole is Nate Wallington- drums, Matt Digby- keys and backing vocals, Billy Poore- bass guitar and Jordan Digby- lead vocals and guitar.

Why Sound of Summer?
“Winning would validate the hard work and commitment for us as a band, both in our journey so far and within the Sound of Summer Competition. Having been in the studio for over 6 months, winning would free up some resources to get the EP finished- finally! From there we can get out on the road and share our new material with people”

Where to look out for them:
• The Acoustic Movement Festival (Poole) in September
• Oxjam both locally in Bournemouth and over in Wales in October


London Winner - Keyhole Company

 “Keyhole Company" are Sam Gendler, Jordan Moody, Johnny Mason and Bradley Morgan-Vizard. Solid, memorable guitar riffs, punchy choruses and technical proficiency are what this East London brood do best. They’re catchy without being lame, and musically versed without making a big deal about it. They make solid British Rock that’s easy to air-drum to, while not making you feel like an idiot, and that’s impressive.

Why Sound of Summer?
"The prize is too good to miss out on and it's always interesting to get feedback, as long as it's not from the mic's!"

Where to look out for them:
• 25th August at The Black Heart (Camden)
• 16th September at Underbelly (Hoxton)


Birmingham Winner - Systematic

Systematic have been a seven piece for just under two years and have grown organically. With a mix of influences from the Prodigy to Bob Marley, Systematic have a core sound of drum and bass and add in the odd hip hop number and ballads too.

Why Sound of Summer?
“To get through the semi finals in Birmingham, up against some very good competition like Punch The Sky, Lady Grey and The Strays was an amazing feeling. We now have an opportunity to play at a prestigious festival, which would be awesome. We can't wait to come down and pit ourselves against some of the best acts in the country that you guys at Sound of Summer have found!”

Where to look out for them:
• The Victoria in Birmingham on Saturday 26th for The Music Social.

They’ve got a few other things pencilled in, but are going to take some time to finish working on music too – look out for five or six songs before the end of the year! Keep an eye on their facebook page @wearesystematic1 to find out more.